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Kenny Lake, 7 Octobre 

En exclusivité, les deux premières pages du journal « Copper River Reccord » qui doit sortir demain! Lisez ci-dessous l’édito de Mat!


Je me suis cha rgée des photos, pubiblicités et d’une partie de la mise en page.

New “Production Manager” for CRR (légende accompagnant ma photo)

Judith Puzzuoli is the new “Production Manager” of the CRR.  Her creativity, intelligence, patience and organization skills will help improve every aspect of the paper.  She is also very good at keeping a smile on the Editor’s face. 

Editor’s Notes 

Its hard for me to believe that this will be the sixth month that I have been editing/publishing the CRR.  When I began, I thought it would take a year for me to learn (most of) what I need to know to run this newspaper.  I feel like I’m half way there so I guess that puts me on schedule for my one year goal. 

I think I have learned more in the last 6 months than I did in 16 years of formal education, but, I have felt that way about almost everything I have done since first arriving in Alaska (in 1995, I think). 

One of my biggest problems (self inflicted) has been keeping the subscriber’s database updated and accurate.  I appreciate the patience of those of you who have waited a month or more for me to change your addresses and/or upadate your files after your renewals.  I am getting close to being “caught-up” with the CRR’s bookwork, so, I should be able to do a better job of maintaining accurate files.

Trying to run this paper as a staff of one has been a constant struggle to keep my head above water this summer even with the help of Mary Odden, Nicole Smoot (Frontiersman Printing), and Rick Miller (Creative Resources Alaska).  I have truly enjoyed the experience, but, I am VERY happy to report that I will no longer be alone in this great enterprise. 

As I have alluded to in previous Editor’s Notes, the CRR has officially added another “staff member” (see the legal box on p. 3).  Though I am still the “Editor,” Judith Puzzuoli will be contributing to nearly every aspect of the paper.  She is learning very quickly and even on this, her first issue, has helped tremendously.

Judith’s official title will be “production manager” (which she prefers to the more accurate title of Boss) because she will be responsible for creating and editing advertisements and also will be largely responsible for actually placing everything on the pages (what I have referred to as pagination in the past).  This is very exciting because it will be the first time that the CRR has been produced entirely “in-house.” 

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Mary Odden one more time for her tireless patience and assistance in supporting me and the CRR.  Mary is now finally free of all the day-to-day operations of the paper.

I also want to thank Rick Miller (Creative Resources Alaska) for his help in the last three issues (including this one).  He has also been very patient and incredibly helpful in transitioning the layout aspects of the paper to me and Judith.  He is still responsible for the layout of the photos and stories in this issue, but, if all goes well, Judith and I will do everything but actually print the paper and, of course, send in all the great stories and photos that so many of you contribute to the CRR. » 

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Par judithpuzzuoli
Le 6 octobre, 2010
A 20:50
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    Dominique Delabrière
    Dominique Delabrière écrit:

    Bonjour Judith, En lisant régulièrement tes aventures, je me dis que tu devrais écrire un livre. Tu as une façon passionnante de décrire toutes tes aventures et lorsque j’arrive à la fin, je suis toujours déçue qu’il n’y en ait pas davantage… En tous cas, Matt et toi vous profitez de la Vie avec un grand V et c’est une chance extraordinaire que vous avez (chance que vous avez su « fabriquer »). Le chalet est magnifique !!! Rendez-vous pour de prochaines aventures que Nelly et moi attendons avec impatience (Secrétariat du GM).




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